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today is the one year anniversary of this QED site! :pppp
i'm really glad about this. a year ago, I started this on a whim and it looked like.. shit. it was empty and colorless, had a horror manga panel on the front with some welcome text, and that was it. it looked like the manga page but 10x shittier. the formatting of the homepage was fucked up because i positioned the divs with percentages unaware that it would be horribly different on any screen of a different size.
i didn't think i would keep updating it for an entire year. hopefully i'll make it to more years if im still alive. i think i like HTMLCSS a lot and im happy to have this interest now.
i was thinking of applying to MIT and i could maybe use this site as a "passion project" too? i don't know if i'll make it in, but it'd be fun to try. another thing that's going on is that i might go into the University of Waterloo's math competition this year, this time for Hypatia.