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Name: Touma/Tate or Buddy
Gender: Demiboy
Pronouns: He/him/they
Occupation: Student
Typology: INTP or ISTP (figuring out ne or se) 5w4 539 (5w4, 3w4, 9w8) RCUEI ILI sp/sx VFEL/VLEF

hi my name is touma, im the webmaster webmister of this site. im not very good at socials, so thanks for putting up with whatever's to come.
im an autistic kid. i have 4 cross shaped scars. i think that's cool. i like reading animanga a lot! my favorite is yumekui merry at the moment. i also really like reading Lord of the Mysteries, a CN light(1400+ chapters..) novel. my favorite book would be Lord of the Flies (Sorry). sometimes i am stuck at the age 11, sometimes i am a regular highschooler. body is in highschool don't bother trying to figure out what this means 'cause i 'ont know either.
some day. a day that is not today i will remake this page from scratch
manga connoisseur, professional anime critic(lying), math liker, emotionally constipated and unavailable, impaled, mapodoufu fan,
you can email me at


I kin spiritually but i swear i am not obnoxious
Shino Sherwood (mahoyaku)
Akane Aoi (boy) (tbhk/jshk)
Souta Hori (SYNPATH) (Horimiya)
Edogawa Ranpo (bsd)


Yumekui Merry

The entire mahoyaku cast

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Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me) - HUNNY

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