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HI i am Touma I use he/they. 16, east asian

ISTP 5w4 539 (5w4 3w4 9w8) RCUEI ILI sp/sx

scythe-wielding wizard kamaitachi kid thing

i unfortunately kin (otherkin + fictionkin spiritually, i have memories of being them in a past life that are personal to me and reflect into my current self identity/life too)

Spiritual fictionkins: Shino Sherwood, Akane Aoi(boy)

these two... i love them...

Heathcliff Blanchett, Aoi Akane(girl)

i love reading manga a lot (please check my manga page on the site or my that is also linked below), even though i dont watch anime as much i still like it too. i like a mobile game called Mahoyaku/Promise of the Wizard. an insane amount i swear i can consume media normally (lying) i love mahoyaku so much it makes me so ill.

I enjoy math too (sorry) which is why this site is named Quod Erat Demonstrandum (Q.E.D), used at the end of mathematical proofs.

Here's music I like. I really love Sisyfuss.

you can reach me through my email,, or my discord touma#2742. i am active on anilist (sorry) and discord more. also my tumblr linked as blog my bad i don't wanna update that...