Azaiah, Adél, Noel
ok so i live in a cabin in the woods with azaiah. azaiah's like my dad or a father figure, and he's an archmage but also an alchemist so people call him an alchemage and it gets him really annoyed. he's this old guy (he's oollld old he's over 200 years old) but he's not really Old because people with higher levels of magic age can age more slowly and live for a thousand years maybe at most. just think like, some 35 year old guy. he has really long white hair.
azaiah lives in the woods so he doesn't have to deal with people but he's also the one who sort of raised me and took me in. sometimes we go to a really pretty lake on the edge of the woods where you can see mountains, and theres just a lot of really pretty places around. i like being in the woods in the dreamworld and real life.
when i go to sleep on the top of the loft, he usually stands next to the ladder/railing gap by my head silently.

i'm not that great at visualizing the cabin yet, but here's the structure i know best:
the main room has a small table with 2 chairs sitting opposite from each other, and is next to a window. i sit in the chair that faces azaiah, which is further away from the door. when i sit in my chair, the door is on the wall to my right, and is further back in the room.
the cabin has a loft. my chair faces it. on the loft, a mattress covers the entire floor. it's like a safe bed/playspace for me. a ladder goes up to it, and there's a short fence-like railing on the edge of it. when i sleep, azaiah stands on the lower floor by the ladder/by the gap in the railing.
across from the loft is a short hallway with 2 doors on each side, one room is azaiah's bedroom (on the left when you enter the hallway) and the other is.. unknown(? i'm just going to assume it's a bathroom). azaiah's chair faces that end of the cabin.

adél, i don't know what she looks like yet, but she's kind from what i know. her hair color is some shade of lighter brown/blonde.
noel is another kid. he's older than me and is more brash but he's still nice and looks out for me.

in the dreamworld i sometimes am around the age 10-14. younger than i physically am but not by a lot

there's a train system that gets me around based off of "The Jingle" featured in Mark Twain's A Literary Nightmare. on default im the only one in the train but i can bring azaiah in too, he's just usually silent about it.

me in the dreamworld doesn't have to deal or know about anything. but sometimes reality blends when i am really upset in real life. azaiah knows about it, the world, and my dreamworld and real life being.