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2021-12-30 joined the selfship webring :)
2021-12-27 took down christmas theme
2021-12-21 sona and stickers pages moved to diary navigation
2021-12-14 christmas/winter homepage decorations and theme
2021-12-12 graphics page created with blinkies stamps and buttons
2021-12-09 elle and freyja shrine page started
2021-12-08 sonas page, links/bookmarks page
2021-11-19 stickers page added
2021-11-16 journal started
2021-11-12 cinnamoroll shrine started
2021-11-09 shrine nav created
2021-11-04 hibiya birthday
2021-10-22 added manga and starting character pages
2021-10-21 ranpo birthday
2021-10-01 added about me page + working on to-do list.
2021-09-30 added changelog. updating homepage.
2021-09-28 created site (

welcome to my site. you can find more about me through the navigation section to the left. the diary functions as a notebook and will have a navigation for things inside other than just diary entries too.
site updates regularly
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