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welcome to shino's website. i wanted to use the site name SCYTHE but that didn't work out. kamaitachis (鎌鼬) are weasel yokais that appear with wind and cut people with their sickle hands.
you can read more about me and go around the site with the navigation on the left. i love mahoyaku and manga and there are some things wrong with my brain. there will be hidden pages around so have fun


i swear theres more to this site im just revamping it rn so a lot is hidden...


2023-03-29 starting a new project around the site (vent system)
2023-03-27 my return again. set up a new guestbook
2023-01-23 remade abtme page and added seperate kin page
2023-01-20 changed site name (kamaitachi.neocities.org) and remaking homepage again blue black red themes
2023-01-01 new year again
2022-10-10 changing abtme page layout (similar to how homepage was changed)
2022-09-28 QED SITE 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!
2022-09-26 changed homepage layout (moved webrings and changelog to the side) and added collections page
2022-08-28 updated the cursors for each page
2022-07-16 ..MY RETURN, AGAIN. redesigning site blue -> green
2022-06-26 MY RETURN.
2022-04-14 my (shino) birthday
2022-02-20 raegan's birthday
2022-01-31 mahoyaku shrine started 2022-01-13 new guestbook https://qed.123guestbook.com/
2022-01-01 new year
2021-12-31 new homepage out (cinnamoroll -> blue)
2021-12-30 joined the selfship webring
created anime page
2021-12-09 raeg shrine page created
2021-12-08 links/bookmarks page
2021-11-09 shrine navigation created
2021-10-22 added manga page
2021-10-01 added about me page and working on to-do list.
2021-09-30 added changelog. updating homepage.
2021-09-28 created site (quoderatdemonstrandum.neocities.org).

link my site B)

in the process of making a new one rn