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welcome to my site. please check my shrines for more things! there may be some hidden pages around the site too.

you can learn more about me and what the site is about using the navigation on the left. i enjoy reading manga and watching anime.

i like people signing my guestbook so please leave a message, and thank you.

mutuals i will update this one day but that day is not today.



2022-10-21 oreo ice cream shrine made and ranpo edogawa birthday
2022-10-19 finally started putting all the mutuals into the links area
2022-10-10 changing abtme page layout (similar to how homepage was changed)
2022-09-28 QED SITE 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!
2022-09-26 changed homepage layout (moved webrings and changelog to the side)
2022-08-28 updated the cursors for each page!
2022-08-18 my birthday
2022-07-16 ..MY RETURN, AGAIN. redesigning site a lot making it green because i like green more than blue
2022-06-26 MY RETURN.
2022-04-14 shino sherwood birthday
2022-02-24 mahoyaku shino chibi page made
2022-01-31 mahoyaku shrine started. akane aoi/kin pages being worked on
2022-01-13 new guestbook https://qed.123guestbook.com/
2022-01-01 new year new month new diary entry section.
2021-12-31 new homepage out
2021-12-30 joined the selfship webring
created anime page
2021-12-09 elle and raeg shrine page created
2021-12-08 links/bookmarks page
2021-11-16 diary/journal started
2021-11-09 shrine navigation created
2021-10-22 added manga page
2021-10-01 added about me page and working on to-do list.
2021-09-30 added changelog. updating homepage.
2021-09-28 created site (quoderatdemonstrandum.neocities.org).