I do not believe in reincarnation. Not just because it's reincarnation, I believe in multiple lives. The reason I do not agree with reincarnation is solely because I do not believe universes have a chronological order/placement.

Reincarnation is to be born in your "next" life/universe. Universes do not have any order. There is no general chronological order between them all, because of their "placement" being spacial, rather than all chronological/ordered. I don't exactly think universes can be described with physical space but this is the best I can do to describe my idea. Rather than a universe always directly jumping to another one by having the end of a timeline meet/be placed by the beginning of the next universe's timeline, I view them as universes are "spacially scattered" about, therefore not having beginning/ends meet or timelines lining up and being able to have a comparable time/order. Universes cannot have a comparable order and cannot follow any sort of system as "beginning a new life after the first ends".
They can't be determined to have a time it happens in when compared with others. A point in a timeline cannot be lined up or said to be "at the same time" nor have a point in its timeline be relatively compared to another's at all, because universes are not lined up in space. The best I can describe of my understanding of universal order is that they are all just happening unrelative to each other. In some sense they all happen simultaneously while also not, something that cannot be fully understood just with the concept of time. Universes happen within their own times and spaces, and collectively must be constant because one cannot be inactive while others are in some point of their timeline.

I am going to stop talking about that point specifically before it gets too repetitive, or before I accidentally make a contradiction. By the way, I am incapable of proofreading. Here is what I drew about universes being "spacially" set about.
Universes "lined up" in order for reincarnation(chronologically ordered lives/universes) to be true. The timelines within the 1rst universe have an end that meets the beginning of the 2nd universe's timeline.
Universes (infinitely) spacially scattered, which does not allow for chronologically ordered or comparable universes.

Some other ideas or concepts on spacially scattered universes. The more similarly one is in terms of timeline beginning or physical laws, the closer it is to another. The more different a universe is to one, the farther away it is.